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Custom Software Solutions

We develop custom software for web, mobile and all other platforms.
We integrate software groups into a single platform for ease of access and control operations.

Big Data, Business Intelligence

Predictive Analytics, Process Management



We offer custom software solutions and help you to take the right decisions with our experienced consultants.



We offer fast and permanent solutions to all questions and problems that we observe in your workflows based on our analysis.



All of our solutions can be customized according to your needs. We provide unique and personalized solutions.


Manage your business processes in Information Technologies in a sustainable and dynamic way.

Sustainable Technology

We use modern open source toolkits created by prominent brands in tech to build your app right. All developed software and applications have a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Added Value

Our solution-oriented dynamic preliminary analysis & design strategy will provide accurate estimates and keep your project on time and within budget. We aim to be the long-term solution partner preferred by medium and large-scale companies that want to gain competitive power by making their workflows sustainable, dynamic and practical in international markets.

Our Culture of Clearness

Our lean and transparent project management processes reduce your extra burden while giving you visibility into the progress of your project. We care about you, our valuable business partners, in project analysis/implementation and support processes.


Provide software solutions based on your company's needs.

Software Development

We are experts in software design based on your needs and ensure the operation and implementation of the most optimal solutions.

Business Intelligence and Analytical Predictive Analysis

We add value to you with sustainable and dynamic solutions by providing pre-project evaluation, monitoring and management of accurate information quickly and securely through direct analysis, data mining, big data, creation of dashboards and more.

Consulting & Training

Experience, methodology and business expertise. We continue our post-solution training and support together with our expert team for the efficient execution of technology solutions, and we continue our successful journey as a team with you.


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As a globally respected company group, our mission is to remain sustainable by providing industrial information resources that add value to our country and business partners. We achieve “pioneering technology goals” through continuous training and development, as well as a technological solutions approach to custom software solutions. Our company emblem was created using the letters “A” and “D” in “Advanced Dynamics,” resulting in the infinity sign form. This symbolizes our commitment to a future-oriented approach and determination to be perceived as such in every medium. Our mission is to be a technological software office based on support, development, training, and consultancy.